Monday, 15 January 2018

Cuppa time

It has been so long since I have done I cuppa time I had forgotten how much I enjoy them. So grab a cuppa of whatever you enjoy and join me on a blog visit

has been working on a Mystery quilt called On Ringo Lake. The blocks have been put together and the quilt looks great.  Rosemary is also a very skilled knitter and has started a new project.

Mary is busy unpacking and has been working wonders with another string quilt and has a goal for 2018 to quilt a top a week.  I wish her good luck

Peg has received quilts back from the quilters and is preparing to bind them.  Both the quilts and the quilting are beautiful, I love the saying she has posted and I think I should apply it to my quilting.

Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry bags has posted a list of  what they need for 2018.  If you are prepared to donate why not have a look at the list and see if you can help out. All quilts and laundry bags go member of the Australian, RAAF, Army and Navy for the men and women who serve our country.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST)

I love Crazy Patchwork and part of the enjoyment is learning new stitches and revisiting old ones, to help me do both I have joined TAST an embroidery skill building group run by Sharon over at Pintangle 

Each Tuesday Sharon announces a stitch of the week and how you practise the weekly stitch is entirely up to you. The first few weeks covers easy stitches and over the weeks the stitches become harder. 

Week one was running stitch and this week it was buttonhole stitch.

My Running stitch sample.

Easy does not mean boring if you visit the TAST Facebook page you will see some amazing stitching being done by both beginners and accomplished embroiderers. 

I enjoyed the running stitch for the first week but realised I needed a different project to incorporate the rest of the TAST stitches.    I dug through my fabrics and found a piece of patchwork I had stitched to use for a tote. I have added both the running stitch and the buttonhole stitches to the piece and I am looking forward to Tuesday to find out what the next stitch is. At the end I will have a crazy patch piece I can turn into a tote.

Cheers Pauline

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Wow a lot has happened in 2017.  After the loss of hubby's father and both of my parents we sold up the Little House on the Hill and I closed the Little House on The Hill blog. Hubby has retired from work and we have moved to Rockingham in WA, Woo Hoo  we had our first Christmas with our granddaughter.

Our grand daughter is old enough to understand Christmas and it was time to make a stocking for her. I made her parents one each and they hang them every year. I wanted to make her a stocking she could use for many years and was special for her. I gathered all the Christmas fabrics from my stash and tried to decide which ones to use. I ruled out any fabric that were to babyish or masculine. In the end I chose 11 different fabrics including some with snowmen, stars and hearts along with some plain fabric.

We had not unpacked completely and I could not find my pattern. Not to worry I purchased one of the few stockings left in the spotlight and used it to make a pattern. To get size I wanted I pinned the Spotlight stocking to calico and adding two inches.

The larger stocking ia used it for the pattern. To make the stocking  cut a back and a front foundation piece and a back and front from lining fabric. The lining was cut from a Christmas themed fabric.

The front foundation piece was covered using crazy patchwork.  I randomly picked from my chosen fabrics for a true crazy patchwork look.  I love crazy patchwork, you can do as much or as little as you like and the finished piece looks amazing.  Pintrest has some great crazy patchwork examples and Pintangle is a blog to go to for inspiration

When embellishing crazy patchwork the idea is to cover every seam. I used several hand embroidery stitches  including, stem, herringbone, lazy daisy, buttonhole, french knot and straight stitch. Other seems were covered with different embellishments such as ribbon, braid buttons and beads.  A great place to find embellishments is in the jewellery section of stores like Kmart, Target and BigW. The metal bells and wreaths on the stocking are from Christmas earrings.

For the back of the stocking I used two different fabrics to cover the foundation piece,

I visited Youtube and searched for How to make a Christmas Stocking. There is a lot of videos just choose the one you can follow easily. I followed the Missouri Quilt Company video

Sadly no photo of the finished stocking, I completed it just in time for Santa to fill it.  Our little one calls him HO HO HO. 

Here are photos of the ones I made her parents. 

Cheers Pauline