Bob in a bag

Bob in a bag

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Fairy Wings My Latest Pattern for sale

With the news of a grandchild on the way I have been playing with EQ7 designing quilts for children.  This is the first girls quilt  Fairy Wings

Simple design using just two blocks.  I have used easy to follow instructions and how to diagrams in this pattern.  Fairy Wings was inspired by Enchanted Kingdom fabric I found on  The fabric reminds me of  fairytales, magical things and all things girly 

The Enchanted Kingdom fabric has been combined with coordinating fabrics and the design has been kept simple to let the fairies shine

If you are interested in buying this pattern just click on the link on the left hand side of the page 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A big Welcome and Playing with EQ7

I am excited to welcome three new followers.  Welcome Helen ( 
Linda ( ) and StudioDabere,  
Thank you for joining me.

I have put a small stool under my computer desk to rest my leg on and have been playing with EQ7  I am still waiting to see the specialist, one more week to go

After revisiting the Country Revival pattern and 14 drafts later the design is completed.  Yes 14 I tend play around a little or a lot lol  I wanted to make sure I used all the fabric from the original version.

For these designs I wanted to add a lighter colour. I scanned calico and used it for the borders.

This is the one I have chosen as the final version. I think I am in love with Fibonacci grid.  Really has been helping with my designs. I now need to get the end product to look like the pattern

I like all three designs and have been considering writing the pattern instructions for them.  

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Country Revival Progress

All the reverse quilting has been done, thanks to my wonderful husband.  The borders have been removed and the flowers are gone.

I have added new borders using the Fibanacci Grid for 6 inch blocks and am currently piecing one of the outer borders

The photo does not do the borders justice and of course the quilt is not completed !

One of the outer borders is made up of 2 inch squares.  I have found the strip method the quickest way to make this border.

The strips were cut 2.5 inches x 7.5 inches. (the finished border is 6 inches wide) 

The strips were sewn together in lots of three using a flat seam.

Blocks before trimming and cutting
Back of block showing flat seam

The block is cut crossways to give three x three block units.  2.5 inches by 7.5 inches

Three block units

Sew the units together carefully matching the seams. Your border will need to be an even number in length divided by two.  My borders were 76 inches long divided by 2 inches = 38 units.

Secure the 3 block unit with pins, matching the seams as you pin
Continue to sew the units together until your border is the required length.

Trim, press and remove all threads before  attaching the border to the body of your quilt.

This method is also a great way to make 9 patch blocks

Sadly there will be no progress on this quilt for a while.  Before we went to the Northern Territory I had a fall, have torn a ligament and damaged the cartilage in my knee.  Specialists visit on the 26th followed by either an operation or  a brace either way it will be immobilisation for more than 6 weeks.   I now know I don't bounce lol

A Quick Bob Tale

When I want to cut longer lengths of fabric I Bluetack a tape measure to my kitchen counter. It enables me to move my cutting board to the required measurement for borders etc.  The only problem I have is Bob, he has discovered the Bluetack and chewed the end of the tape to get at it.  (I don't knew what he thinks it is ) He has been driving me nuts, every time I go to sew something he is back there.  Ahhhhh. This week I had a light bulb moment and  I have finally fixed his little game. I  placed his dish of buttons and beads over the end of the tape measure and leave it there until I want to cut some fabric.

Now we are both happy lol

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Country Revival

Do you remember this ?

I have been very unhappy with it and it has been one of those UFOs. Next time you see a photo of it there will be a lot of changes.  I have taken all the boarders of and the flowers and started all over again. It is almost finished yeah, well the top anyway.  It has been on my to do list for over a year and I want to see it on my bed. 

I have made well over 35 quilts and given them all to family members. (yes I come from a very large family) While visiting the Northern Territory I discovered my sister over the years  has managed to acquire 6 of my quilts. It is my turn now, time for me to make some for me.  I have one that lives on my bed all year round and has been washed over and over again.  Time for a change lol

Visiting blogs from all over the world

I love visiting other blogs, not only is it inspiring there is a lot of very talented people in blog land. I find it very interesting to see what crafters all around the world are doing.

Lets start at home first, I recently started to following Helen's blog

Helen has completed a Granny's Flower Garden quilt and is currently making some beautiful appliqued blocks.

Over at Buderim Patchwork Group the ladies have been busy and there is a beautiful whole cloth quilt to view. There are photos of the intricate quilting and the quilt was made in a week!!!!

My next port of call is to Colleen in Canada.  Early this month Colleen had to stay at home due to snow causing power cuts. What did Colleen do? She made something and did some patchwork  too.

Glady in Northern Ohio has posted some beautiful autumn photos and there are some inspirational blocks, quilts and table runners to look at from a quilters gathering.

I always enjoy visiting in Londaon.  Glinda is currently making HST with what she calls unsexy fabric lol

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Only Sixty Four to Go

Before going to the Northern Territory I designed a Granny's Garden quilt and decided to get a start while travelling. I packed my self a little sewing kit and included the squares and the hexagon templates.  It is surprising how many petals you can make while sitting in a car for 8 hours with no distractions.  Before leaving I had cut 265 squares thinking it was a lot, little did I know!!! 

Enough to make 36 flowers, only 64 more go or 448 petals lol.

In my last post I mentioned I had visited Dragonfly Fabrics while in Darwin.   

They have a large selection of fabrics and specialise in indigenous prints. My sister fell in love with their range of batiks and bought up big.  My purchases were a little more modest as we still had our trip home.  I did buy some more fabrics for the Granny's Garden and after unpacking them I realised  there is a rose theme going on. If you ever get to Darwin give them a visit so much to see and so many fabrics to choose from.  The lady behind the counter was lovely and could not have been more helpful.


 I did buy two other fabrics just to add some variety



We visited Spotlight and were so disappointed we came away empty handed.

Doing the hexie flowers has been relaxing,Hubby is an avid sports fan and I do the petals while he is watching the TV.  I sew the flowers together the following day while having a cuppa with a friend.  Lovely Mary comes to visit every day for an hour and it is surprising how much you can do in an hour while we sit and chat.

I thought I would share this photo. I have  had this cactus for several years and at last it has flowered for the first time.