Bob in a bag

Bob in a bag

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Wow time to catch up

Wow it sure is time to catch up and today I am using the fine china.  Not because I love and collect  fine china,   because I am off to visit some special bloggers. 

Each time I write a post I am excited to read the comments left by other bloggers.  I have come to value their comments and there is a group of quilters who often  leave a lovely comment on my posts.  There comments keep me motivated and I enjoy visiting  their blogs to see what they are up to.

Sadly Glinda from broke her shoulder three months ago and is currently having physiotherapy. I hope Glinda's shoulder recovers quickly.  Why not pop on over for a look at the lovely quilts cushions and bags Glinda has made.  I also love the photos of England.

Rosmary the Knitting Quilter has completed her Basket Case quilt and it looks stunning. Rosemary used 2.5 inch strips joined together to make the binding.  There is more eye candy with an awesome Dresden Plate quilt almost finished. I love the backing fabric.

Glady from Glady's Gab has been to a musical in Amish country and to a Farmers Market in Kent. If you visit Glady don't forget to look at the quilts in her July post Barn Quilts and July QBee day.

Over at City Krafters the is a completed organiser ( now that's what I need) and a beautiful lap quilt to admire

Mina at Kinda Quilty has joined the "Purge" for a regular link up.  Mina is using up her pink fabrics and is creating some exciting things.

Julierose has a new machine or is that a new vintage machine.  Why not pop over and find out

There are two verses in the Quilters Oath that resonates with me and I would like to share them with you 

I will try never to feel guilty about my stash or my UFO's they are part of the mystique as every quilter knows.

Above all I will embrace the joys that quilting imparts of  friendship, fun and sharing. That cheers and fills our hearts.

The author is unknown.  I think I need to feel a little guilty or I would only ever have UFO's lol

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Cuppa Time

I have made my cuppa and I am ready to visit crafty friends.  Before I start I must say welcome the new followers who joined while I have been absent. I hope you enjoy popping by from time to time.

Over at Pam has been making lots of zippered pouches and has included  great tutorials for 10 pouches and a dolls pram cover.

Mina at is making a great Texas Road Trip quilt using lots of scraps.  Mina also chats about charity quilts/ blocks and where to donate them

Lexie is excited, she has been chatting with another crafter about teaching a Metal Clasp Handbag class in July.  How exciting for her to pass on her skills

Jennifer aka Glinda is busy making bags and has posted a photo of some very delicious fabrics she was given by her cousin.

Karin at the Quilters Yarn has had a pattern published in Country Threads Vol 15 No 4 congratulations what a great achievement.

Rosemary has made two more blocks for the Tone it Down quilt a long she is taking part in. I love the colours they look soo right against the white background.

Sad news today a much loved brother in law has lost his battle with cancer. Thank goodness there is no more pain and suffering for such a gentle soul

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Button craft and Nanart

My crafting has been a little slow recently,  There is a lot going on  in our family, several members are ill. While some can be expected  due to age others are  harder to understand . I tell myself with over 40 members in the family there will be ups and downs. 
I did take time out from phone calls and keeping other members up to date to visit all my favorite blogs   I love catching up with everyone's  news and admiring all the wonderful  creations for me it is like visiting all my favorite places in one day.

April was spent making Birthday presents for my DIL. A bracelet and necklace set along with a table center (forgot to get a photo)

Last weekend I entered the local art and craft festival, Nanart. My entries were very last minute and did not include  sewing or quilting.  I decided to try  button craft  after seeing some wonderful examples on Pintrest. It was a lot of fun trying something new and who knew buttons could be used for mosaics and bouquets.   

I am proud to say I won a first and  second prize for Beading and an highly commended for one of the button  pieces.   

Button Bouquet.  This took many hours to make and was purchase by a lovely lady who wanted to take it back to Brisbane for her Mothers Day for her mother.

April block for the CQJP 2014

Happy Crafting

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Cuppa Time

So far my morning has been relaxed the Reverse Quilter has gone to play golf in Blackbutt. Yes there is a town by that name. lol.  I want to enter the local art and craft festival again this year and have spent the morning looking at inspirational images on 
Pintrest  .

I have not looked at Pintrest before today and was surprised at how beautiful some of the images are

Thre searches I made included

Free Motion Embroidery
Hand Embroidery
Art Quilts
Beading and Peyote Beading
Traditional Quilts

I now have lots of ideas running around in my head, I hope to catch one soon

With my cuppa on hand it is time to visit some of my favorite blogs.

Over at there is a lot of eye candy for those of us who like Crazy Patch, such exquisite stitchery.

Some destashing and two beautiful baby quilts at

Buderim Patckwork group have had their Thursday get together with some very sweet mug bags on show.  Along with some knitting and finished quilts

Mina at has accepted a challenge and made a  Open Wide Zippered Pouch.   to store some of her goodies in.

Pam from Threading MY Way has featured   iPhone Case with Pull Tab ~ Tutorial by Anna, from charmedLiebling

I have enjoyed my coffee and visiting some awsome blogs but now I hear the washing machine calling me ho hum

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Country - Images of magical places

The following is a verse from My Country written by Dorothea MacKeller

I love a sunburnt country,

A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror -
The wide brown land for me!

For me this verse sums up the far north of Australia and I have been fortunate to live in two breath taking tropical place.  For over thirty years I lived in the Northern Territory and from 1998 East Kimberly in Western Australia.  Both of these places have a magical quality that still lingers after seven years of being away. Both Katherine in the Northern Territory and Kununurra in Western Australia only have two seasons, the Dry Season and the Wet Season 

Thermal Spring that flow into the Katherine River

Katherine River in flood 

Katherine Gorge, hard to believe the water was touching the tops of the rock sides during the floods
Edith Falls

View from my kitchen window, Kelly's Knob

Ivanhoe Crossing a great palace for fishing

Kelly's Knob during monsoon storm

The following photos of Kununrra were taken by EastKimberley Photography to view more awesome photo's go to

The following photos are of two things the Kimberley s are famous for

Argyle Diamond. The diamonds mined around Kununurra come in various colours including, champagne,  green and pink.

A Green Tree frog.  They live in both the Northern Territory and East Kimberly
We now live in Queensland, not as rugged or as stunning just a little more sedate. Beautiful in its own way

My final photo is a sunset near Darwin.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

What I have been working on

Do you ever feel like you are getting nowhere?  One of the side effects of brain surgery has been a lack of concentration.  I am unable to concentrate on one project for long periods and it seems to take me longer to complete my projects.  It also means I have lots of WIPS,

I have completed the Log Cabin Wagga top (it has taken two years)
The  Centre Medallion top  from I See Red is almost complete, two borders to go
18 Hexi flowers made
A necklace completed 

Crazy patch block for the

In my box of WIPS I still have 2 quilts and a bag to finish.
Two embroidered table cloths and 4 of my mothers doilies to complete

I completed this top but was not happy with the end results and I have unpicked it and removed the flowers.  I will use the centre and add different boarders.

Now this is a little off the sewing subject but then again he supervises me all the time.  

Bob has given my new handbag his approval

Thursday, 13 February 2014

I see red, I see red, I see red !

I have been working on my centre medallion quilt making the diamond in a square blocks

4 cream squares per block  (192 x 3 inch squares in total)

Each square is folded and pressed to form a triangle.  When the triangle is opened the fold becomes the sewing line  

The triangles are opened out and with the right sides of the fabric together pinned to the larger square at the corners

The fold lines are used as the sewing line.

After stitching along the fold line fold the fabric toward the corner of the larger block to expose the right side of the fabric. Repeat this process for all 4 corners.  

 Of course not all has gone smoothly. 

I washed the fabric before I used it, adding salt and vinegar to the water and pressed the fabric to set the red dye before use.  All went well until I sprayed starch on the fabric before pressing it. The starch caused the red to run into the cream fabric. I quickly washed the piece  by hand and fortunately the red came out of the cream fabric.  Moral to this story do not use spray starch on red fabric. 

While I was making the blocks my supervisor was on hand to make sure I was doing it right,