Bob in a bag

Bob in a bag

Monday, 30 March 2015

Out of touch

Wow it is sooo long since I last blogged.  (now that sounds like a Sunday Confession lol) 

I have visited you all and looked at your creations So many beautiful things and so many talented people.

I have been crafting 

  •  Quilt  started and finished, 
  • Button bouquet and flowers made. 
  • Three embroideries for my etsy store
  • Button ball decorations made
  • Craft room cleaned and garage sale held
  • New facebook groups joined.
  • A UFO re-purposed 
I am a member of the Quilt Club Australia Group via facebook.  What a great group, lots of eye candy to look at, lots of information and a very  supportive group willing to share hints and tips. 

I was a member of a yahoo group for making fabric postcard and enjoyed making and swapping cards.  Sadly Yahoo made changes and the group was very hard to access.  Recently I found an Australian group on facebook, Aussie Fabric Post Card Swap .  This month I am taking part in my first swap, the theme is the letter L hmmmm. Lace, lollies, lavender or maybe lipstick I am yet to decide.  It is always exciting to see what your partner has made. Aussie fabric Postcard 

One of my completed embroideries.  He is so sweet, I enjoyed making this

I have used this one as the centre for a baby quilt

Until next time stay safe

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sewing Room Renovations

While I have been out of action the Reverse Quilter took the time to replace the floor in my sewing room.  Yes the house  had new carpets when we purchased it but every day use has highlighted the damaged floorboards under the new carpet.  

The renovations gave us a day out, the nearest big hardware store is 2 hours away. We travelled through the beautiful Brisbane hinterland through Malaney, visited Morayfield and ended up in Coloundra.  Perhaps not  the most direct route but certainly a lovely drive.  We managed to get all we needed at Bunnings and moved everything out of my sewing room into the kitchen and other rooms.  ( Christmas lunch was eaten from trays on our laps)

The reverse Quilter painted and replace the flooring, I helped to drill in screws while sitting on a desk chair and managed not to hurt my knee.  I think the end result are well worth the disruption to my kitchen and having to dodge computers, sewing machines and other craft bits to cook Christmas lunch.

I wanted new curtains but the only fabric I had was intended for the guest room.  This is what I came up with.  I think it looks OK and suits a sewing room.

I think hubby has done a great job. 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Cuppa Time and welcome

After a visit to the specialist I am still not allowed to put pressure on my knee and no climbing stairs. Started exercises with the physiotherapist  yesterday. to do them twice a day and the back to the specialist in a month.  Not being able to use my machine has given me time to make lots of Hexagons and sew them together.  

Welcome to Maree from
Maree has been busy making hexie flowers.

Karin over at The Quilt Yarn has posted photos of all her amazing 2014 finishes.  Well done to Karin

Tracy has a new niece and has made the sweetest little elephant for her.

Mina has set her goals for 2015 and has posted photos of her 2014 projects.  I wish I had achieve half as much as Mina has

Jo has made three truly sweet baby quilts and tried a new quilting design

I love grabbing a cuppa and visiting great blogs.  There is so much inspiration to fin and a connection with others

Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Lunches

Yes it is that time of year,

We have had our lunch for Monday's Mah-jong group. A very pleasant meal at historical Ringsfield House, one of the first homes in Nanango and and the first hospital in the area.   Lunch consisted of chicken with cashew sauce, lots of salads followed by cheese cake and cream.

Last Saturday Thelga and I travelled to Maidenwell  a small town with a population of about 500. On the third Saturday of the month we get together with a group of about 20 crafters. They are a great bunch of ladies who are more than willing to share ideas and teach each other new skills.

Playing games before lunch.
To get our gifts  we played pass the parcel with a twist.
Dawn told a story about Mr Jones who saw Mrs Right go Left.  The story continued and each time we heard left or right we passed the present left or right.  At the end of the story you kept the one in front of you.

After lots of fun we finally got to open our gifts

Thelga opening her gift
After opening our gifts were over we wondered over to the Maidenwell cafe to enjoy a wonderful lunch of baked ham, cold chicken and salads including a delicious mango one.  The lunch was followed by plum pudding and custard, YUM

We decided we would buy a charm pack as our gifts this year

This is my pack (minus Bob)

I love getting together with like minded folk

This one is for the little boys who love puppies.

This is my second children's pattern for sale on Craftsy.  The fabrics I chose  are ideal for a little boy.  The design is simple and consists of just two easy blocks

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Needlework at School

Until the 1970's  needlework  was taught to all Australian girls at school.  We started with simple projects, cross stitched on gingham,  graduated to embroidering and making linen for our Glory Box. 

Then on to dress making, pattern drafting and tailoring.  We learnt how to smock, set in sleeves, make four different pockets and collars. There was the flat seam, the french seam and the flat fell seam.  Not to mention facings, linings,  fastenings, button holes, slip hemmed hems, bound hems, shaped hems, faced shaped hem and shelled edged hems.  
We made nighties with lace and lawn, babies clothes,designed our d├ębutante dress, wedding dress and made our going away outfit.  We learnt about fabrics, what they were made of and how best to use them

I suppose back then it was important we knew these things, our mothers made our clothes, darned our socks and if you wanted something nice for the home you made it. Societies  expectation of most women was to become a wife and mother.  Time moves on and the gentle crafts are no longer taught in schools.

Looking for something to do while waiting for the swelling to go down in my leg I came a cross a supper cloth I purchased  for Needlework classes in my final year of school. Bit of a challenge, the instructions have been lost over the years but I am pleased with the progress so far.

With an operation on my knee this week and 9 weeks recovery this is one W.I.P I will WIMP  lol

All I want for Christmas

Whatever your faith may be.
 All I want for Christmas is for the person reading this to be healthy, happy, loved and safe.

All the very best for the festive season.
Cheers Pauline